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What to do next? - The View from the Hill

Discerning what to do next in life can sometimes be a challenge

Need to step back for a while and take a view as to what's happened in your life, your faith, your health or work? If there's one certainty in life, it's that things change - including long-held beliefs, aspirations or desires.

The View from the Hill is for anyone who needs to step back from their life-situation and have some time to take stock and perhaps deepen their experience of the presence of the divine in their life. It's an individually guided retreat (IGR) that lasts for three days during which time we sit together on our (metaphorical) hilltop.

Day one involves asking “why have I come to this place?” and remembering the journey.

Day two is about laying the past and future down, and learning to become very aware of the present moment, and what the implications are for our lives when we do that.

Day three involves preparing to leave the hill, returning to the life-situation from whence we came, but perhaps better prepared for encountering it afresh.

Dates for the retreat by appointment

Cost: £260 fully inclusive  

To find out more telephone 01386 860330 or email Ian Spencer -

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