In harmony with creation

In harmony with creation

With Bredon Hill behind and looking down upon the meandering Avon and its flood plains, and ancient bluebell woodlands, Holland House is found situated in a wonderful place where human cultivation and natural ecology are in harmony. At Holland House we work to ensure that we are part of that harmony.

This is what we are doing to fully realise that harmony:


• Garden and grounds are worked organically

• Large Kitchen garden provides some of our vegetables and fruit and salads

• Rainwater harvesting butts have been installed

• Standing and fallen dead-wood is left to provide habitat for species

• Careful mowing regime encourages the promotion of wild flowers

• Composting regimes are in place, including composting any waste food

• Creation of a Bible Garden trail to encourage an awareness of the biblical significance of plants

• Installation of bird boxes, including one for Tawny Owls

• Installation of beehives (from which Holland House enjoys some of its own honey!)

• Careful maintenance of river-bank using willow trees and nettle-beds to secure the bank

• Creation of a natural history of the garden by Dr Paul Smith (BSc, MIEEM, Cenv) which has been used to help understand the eco-systems and plants we have


• All food is freshly prepared and cooked on the premises, including all cakes and biscuits

• Mostly FairTrade coffee and tea are used

• Meals are prepared “to order”to reduce waste, endeavouring to provide enough but not excess.

• Local grocers, local butchers and local farm shops are used wherever possible to support local growers and reduce food-footprint, fish supplies from traceable sources

• Local eggs used in cooking

• Kitchen works closely with the Kitchen garden to maintain connection to seasonal variety.


• Bar stocks locally brewed beers and fruit juices and ciders made in Pershore from local fruit

• Fairly traded chocolate and snacks

• All bottles and cans are recycled


• The house is only cleaned with natural or environmentally friendly products e.g. Method, Ecover, Simple and No More Chemicals.

• We use Paragon linen services who have an environmental policy.


• We bank with the Co-operative Bank which has an ethical policy of investments


• We use recycled paper for printing

• We switch computers and printers off each night

• All paper waste is recycled, although we endeavour to use electronic archiving where possible.


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