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Quiet Days with Marianne Rankin

Marianne will be leading a number of day retreats during 2017. Each standalone retreat will focus on human experiences of religion and spirituality and will draw on research that she and others have undertaken in this area at the Alistair Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre at the University of Wales, where she is Director of Communications.

Marianne is the author of An Introduction to Religious and Spiritual Experience (2008, Continuum, London) which is described as ‘a comprehensive survey of spiritual experiences from past to present, from the experiences of the founders of the major world religions to events in the lives of ordinary people today.’

Wednesday March 15th - Experiences around Death

The day will focus on End of Life, Near-Death Experiences and After Death Communication.

Nurses are often well aware of experiences which occur at the end of life, doctors frequently less so. What are the latest research findings in this fascinating field? What can we learn from these experiences?

Have you had any such experiences yourself?

Wednesday April 12th - Fruits of Spiritual Experience

‘By their fruits ye shall know them’ said Jesus, as recorded in Matthew 7:16,20.

What are the ‘fruits’ of spiritual experience?

Marianne will share some of the findings from her work for a PhD looking at the ‘Fruits of Experience’ in the Alistair Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre archives.

Are you aware of ‘fruits’ in your life?

Wednesday May 19th - Experiences of Angels

This retreat will include an overview of angels in religious traditions as well as considering the experiences of angels which occur to ordinary people today.

These will be taken from Emma Heathcote-James’ book Seeing Angels and from the Alistair Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre archive of religious and spiritual experiences.

But do they really exist? This is a day to explore a fascinating phenomenon.

10am - 4pm   

Cost £30  per person per day to include lunch and refreshments

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